sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2011


What happening??
Ohh  my gosh...
I went crazy without knowing??
I’ve had lost completely the control of myself
Of my emotions!
If at least I had lost myself in a good way…

Não sei de mais nada
Explode com facilidade
Nada me interessa
Nada me prende
Nada me motiva
Tudo me entendia

I can’t belive this is happening with me now
Them it!
Everything was fine
Now I just don’t care
Just wanna to be alone

Que apatia
Tantos interessados
E eu totalmente desinteressada
Nada me desperta paixão

I need passion in my life
I need to go back to my life
But my mind wants to be stick in the another world
Playing around with my imagination
Living another things

Verdade é que preciso de fresh emotions
Preciso de um fresh start!
New loves
New passions
Ainda mais porque quem vive de passado é museu...
‘n’ I Just feed my life with future

Listening - Bon Jovi - Always