sábado, 1 de outubro de 2016

Fucked Up Society

We live in a moment where our society is full of whinny little bitches! Everything is prejudice; we can’t say anything about nothing! There is no room for comedy! For jokes! We need to be politically correct every single moment! I can’t take it! I hate it! I love black humor! I’m sarcastic and ironic person. I like to be sincere, and to mess around with my significant others with no worry. I don’t agree with a lot of this lefties culture! Prejudice exist, yes! But not 24/7. Good things are being seen like mean because of that manipulation! This is not just here in Brazil, but I feel here is more intense, one word we say is motive to a lot of cry (mimimi), or insults. There is no free speech, just the lefties thoughts. Yes, I’m a right, and a lot of us listen to others pretty different of the lefties. We aren’t extremist like they love to paint us.
Being a woman, I hate what these whores transformed the feminism into. No man never told me what to do, and never will. I’m no victim of a man’s world. I don’t need to show my body, smoke weed and be a vegan to prove I’m a real woman. I work, pay my bills, I studied, worked hard – still working hard – always respected others and was respected. Violence is a real deal, but who ever commit it (man or woman) are criminals who deserve to be in prison. (ohh no I forgot, for the lefties they are a victim of the society) puff..please…please… less is more. This women are infecting the game and the metal world, the two worlds I fell free and comfortable, the main reason is because is a “boy’s world”, with no mimimi, women is full of mimimi and more woman more mimimi. With men no, if you like it too is cool, we can enjoy together. Everything for woman have a problem, a defect, they can’t “just enjoy”, and this femists are saying these worlds are sexists! Hey! I love the hot girls on games, I love to play with them! And the hot chicks of metal, they rock! I want to be beautiful like them! So they can protest with no clothes and that’s ok, but sexy metal’s divas with sexy outfits is sexism, is exploration of the woman’s body… I have no patience with is type of person…tesc…tesc…

 We (women who enjoys it since ever) don’t want it to change! STOP MESSING WITH GAMES AND METAL!!! WE DON’T NEED YOUR FEMINISM!!! WE ROCK!!!!

Listening - Green Day - American Idiot - Jesus Of Suburbia